NIPNLG Practice Advisories address select substantive and procedural immigration law issues faced by attorneys, legal representatives and noncitizens.

They are based on legal research and may contain potential arguments and opinions of the author. Practice advisories are intended to alert readers of legal developments, assist with developing strategies and/or aid decision making. They are not meant to replace independent legal advice provided by an attorney familiar with a client’s case.

Featured Resource

Crim-Imm Case Law Updates — This resource is designed to help immigration practitioners stay up to date on case law developments over the past year in the area of immigration law and crimes. It initially lists notable case law developments before the BIA and the United States Courts of Appeals. This is followed by case summaries of all published Board of Immigration Appeals decisions that address this area of law in 2022 and a case summary list of United States Courts of Appeals published decisions. The latter list focuses primarily on decisions that specifically address the application of the categorical approach and the generic definitions of crime-based inadmissibility and deportability grounds. (December 21, 2022)
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