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Who We Are


The National Immigration Project is a membership organization of attorneys, advocates, and community members who are driven by the belief that all people should be treated with dignity, live freely, and flourish. We litigate, advocate, educate, and build bridges across movements to ensure that those who bear the brunt of racist criminal and immigration systems are uplifted and supported.


We imagine a world where everyone can live freely and flourish without fearing for their life, health, security, or their ability to remain where they are. We envision a world where freedom of movement is welcomed and not feared, and where cooperative systems of support that honor human dignity in the experience of migration have replaced our current policies of enforcement, detention, incarceration, and criminalization.


Since its founding in 1971, the National Immigration Project has worked to defend and extend the rights of all noncitizens in the United States, regardless of immigration status. For more than 50 years, the Project has developed cutting edge strategies including advocacy and litigation to respond to unlawful immigration enforcement, government overreach, and efforts to erode immigrant rights.