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    As a defender of immigrant communities, communities of color, and marginalized noncitizens, YOU are a critical part of the struggle. YOU are a part of the hope.

  • covid-19

    We’re only as healthy as the most vulnerable of our communities. See our materials on advocating for the release of detained immigrants based on the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • we see cruelty

    The criminalization of immigrants is both alarming and unlawful. Together we will keep fighting for immigrant justice - in the courtrooms and on the streets - until the cruelty ends.

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    Join NIPNLG and get a discount on Kurzban’s latest edition.

Who We Are

For 49 years, the National Immigration Project has fought for justice and equality of treatment in immigration law and the criminal legal system. NIPNLG trains and supports legal practitioners, immigrant community groups, detainees, and all advocates working to protect, defend, and advance immigrant rights. Its success is built upon YOUR membership dues and tax-deductible contributions. Please support the Campaign to Resist ICE and Secure Immigrant Safety During COVID-19 and beyond, below.

CRISIS campaign