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National Immigration Project Denounces Biden’s Willingness to Make Anti-Immigrant Concessions for Foreign Aid

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Removal Defense
Posted: Dec. 8, 2023

For Immediate Release
December 8, 2023 

Arianna Rosales,, (408) 398-5140

Washington, DC – Several media outlets have reported that the Biden administration is considering caving to Republican demands to codify an asylum ban, make it more difficult for people to pass their asylum screening, and expand expedited removal in order to secure new aid for Ukraine and Israel in a supplemental funding bill.

“Asylum is a human right. For President Biden to treat it as a political bargaining chip is unconscionable and would be catastrophic for our nation and refugees around the world. It is heartbreakingly ironic that he would trade people’s sacred right to refuge from violence in order to fund war,” said Sirine Shebaya, Executive Director of the National Immigration Project. “Through this legislation, President Biden would codify some of the Trump administration’s most anti-immigrant policies, betraying his fundamental promise to restore fairness to the immigration system. Reports of expanding expedited removal – which allows ICE officers to deport people without giving them a day in court – would also lead to increased racial profiling, arrests, and detention of Black and brown noncitizens throughout the country.” 


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