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National Immigration Project Condemns Bill that Would Gut Asylum System, Destroy Protections For Families

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Posted: Feb. 5, 2024

For Immediate Release
February 5, 2024

Arianna Rosales,, (408) 398-5140

Washington, DC – A group of senators yesterday released a funding bill that would expand detention and deportation, implement extreme and harmful border policies, and effectively decimate the U.S. asylum system in exchange for foreign aid. The Senate’s release of this bill text follows the House of Representatives’ passage of four bills that would further target and criminalize immigrant communities.

In response to the Senate bill, Sirine Shebaya, Executive Director of the National Immigration Project, said: 

“We are outraged that the Senate is advancing such harmful, anti-immigrant legislation. Last week, the House of Representatives showed its willingness to scapegoat and demonize immigrant communities through its passage of four anti-immigrant bills, and this week, Senate leaders have decided to sell out immigrant communities in exchange for foreign aid. The proposals in this Senate bill would subject people to expulsion without due process, expand this country's inhumane detention apparatus, and exacerbate human rights abuses at the border. This  bill would lead to tragedy and loss of life and would eviscerate our most dearly-held values. It does not offer any real solutions - it would only exacerbate the same ‘border crisis’ while causing even more human suffering.

“As a nationwide membership organization, the National Immigration Project is committed to working hand in hand with its partners and members across the country to continue demanding that Congress and the Biden administration reject these harmful anti-immigrant frameworks and instead take bold action to implement policies that create a more just and humane immigration system.” 


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