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Campaign to Resist ICE and Secure Immigrant Safety (CRISIS)

During COVID-19 and Beyond

The COVID-19 crisis has hit immigrants especially hard, accelerating injustice for all who lack power or voice.
Thanks to you, within weeks the National Immigration Project:
  • Filed eight different lawsuits to get vulnerable immigrants out of unsafe jails and defend their right to legal counsel;
  • Published some of the first advisories for attorneys and advocates, providing critical legal tools to protect immigrants; and
  • Led two nationwide sign-on letters to key federal decision-makers to put an end to policies that victimize migrants.

Although physically distant from each other, our movement for justice brings us together.
As a defender of immigrant communities, communities of color, and marginalized noncitizens,
YOU are a critical part of the struggle.
YOU are a part of the hope.
Here’s how YOU can help get immigrants out of unsafe jails and prisons, and more:

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