Featured Case: NIPNLG v. DHS, DOS, and ICE

We filed to obtain records documenting the reasons behind the government’s decision to terminate TPS for Haitians – a decision that imperils the well-being of 58,000 Haitians and their families in the U.S.

(January 2018)
The Administration’s decision to terminate Haitian TPS in November 2017 flies in the face of the U.S. government’s own statements about dangerous conditions in Haiti. Last week, the State Department released a travel advisory that suggested reconsidering travel to Haiti due to violent crime and unrest.

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Featured Case: Operation Mega

News outlets reported that ICE planned to execute a mass immigration enforcement operation called “Operation Mega” to apprehend noncitizens in mid-September 2017.

(November 2017)
Immigrant and civil rights groups around the country file lawsuit after ICE fails to disclose information regarding recent mass raids and threats of mass raids. Groups also highlight abuse of ICE agents and current harsh immigration enforcement tactics through coordinated events.

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FOIA Complaint against DHS, ICE Re: Haiti Temporary Protected Status
New York State

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No. 14-60865 (5th Cir.)
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Administrative FOIA Requests and Productions